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Manuscript Services

Making your work ready for print. 


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Manuscript Editing Services
(for poets, novelists, nonfiction writers and editors of anthologies)
Before you seek out an editor for your book, ask yourself the following question:
                      ::Is the work ready for publication?::
     Have you visited each poem, essay, or chapter in your book 
     to make sure it has been crafted well and that it does what
     you intended it  to do?
     If you are doing poems, do the poems collectively follow
     some shape or pattern or support a theme? Do the poems
     connect in some way? Have you collected at least 40-60
     manuscript pages of poetry to begin an editing process?
     Do you have a title?
     Do you understand who you're writing for?
     Have you chosen the best words to tell the best story? Can
     you clearly tell what the journey of your main character is? 
     Is the work compelling?
If you can answer these questions with confidence and are creating a manuscript, I can help you edit and revise your work. 
I'll give you a detailed written critique with margin notes, pointers on structure and organization, and notes on any special tendencies in your writing that strengthen (or weaken) your work. 


Here's what a recent client had to say about my services:

"Cherryl, I've been absorbing your comments with gratitude. Most of them hit the problem right on. Or the attributes, which I was unaware of: for instance, my use of nature, which I had no idea I was doing. Now that it's my trademark, I'll keep it a bit more on my mind, though not enough to spoil the spontaneity...I'm overflowing with gratitude ..." -- Kathy T. Wehrenberg

Fees for manuscript editing and coaching begin at $80 (flat rate minimum). Subsequent costs vary according to your request. I do developmental editing, line editing, copyediting and proofreading for text based on a page-per-hour structure that adheres to industry standards. Editing turnaround time varies, but is generally 2-3 weeks. 

Send a project description to me, and I will give you a cost and time estimate: Be as detailed as possible in your project description. Tell me what the book is all about ... be sure to tell me how long the manuscript is and what specifically you want from me (a simple written critique, a phone or online-session critique, detailed editing, or editing + coaching and revision).


I look forward to working with you on your project! 

Helping writers find their own music!