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Second Draft: Writing and Rewriting Poetry

A writing course that helps you find your own voice. The instructor-led course is offered at the Spruill Center for the Arts.


"Poetry is not merely words. It's spirit - the way that you order words and the way they order you. There is something powerful about knowing the rules of writing and then lending yourself enough to the creation process that you can break every rule in the book and still be quite profound." ~Cherryl Floyd-Miller


::: What distinguishes you in the sea of people who write poetry? :::


Do you ever wonder about editing your poems? Have you ever read other poets work and wondered about their process? Do you know how YOU create poetry? Have a hard time with revision?

This course will help you examine how you write poetry and how your process affects your work. You'll receive selected readings, writing assignments, and open exchange with other poets. Whether you are a beginning poet or a poet who has practiced for years, the value in looking at how your poems move from ideas into stanzas will benefit your work. You will find your own music in poetry through reading and writing exercises and instructor critique. Learn how to use the Muse to make good poems great!


Space is limited. Register today.

Only $75 for this two-week course!

Facilitator: Cherryl Floyd-Miller

(Please click on the HOME link for a facilitator bio.)

Discount Special:  $10 discount if you refer 10 writers or readers to our mailing list. $20 discount if you refer someone who registers for the course. To make your referrals, simply place 10 names with functioning e-mail addresses in the text of a mail message to: Maximum discount for one class tuition is $20. Discount offers not transferable.

For complete course information and a FREE writing exercise, send a message to:

Next Class Date: September 28 - October 11.   Last day to register: September 26!

Private critique, coaching sessions and manuscript editing also available.

What others have said about the course:

"Thank you for providing a safe haven for me to explore finding my voice. I have discovered that I love the HUMOR in my voice. Taking this class helped me see that aspect of my voice and its significance for the very first time. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to take their writing to the next level." ~T.C. Matthews


"Each and every assignment forced me to look beyond the obvious to things that I never would have considered seeing before. This course gave me so much insight into myself, my writing and just amazed me everyday." ~Beatrice Hall


I have written poems most of my life. And this is by far the best decision I made, to enroll in this course on revision. I learned more about how I get from idea to paper to completed poem. I learned techniques that I can use as I go back and edit poems to make them better. As a busy woman, there were times, I didn't think I could get the assignment done, but the lessons were paced every few days and that was a big help, I never felt overwhelmed by the work load. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the lessons learned and especially for the positive feedback. I am eager to improve my poetry writing to the point I get let my "free birds" fly from my open hands to the world of publishing. Your comments have given me much needed confidence to let my poems get out there and see if they are accepted for publication. Due to your course, I believe I can revise and revise and revise and make my poetry the best I can write. ~ Diana Fiala


I've said this before, but articulating so much about the writing process was extremely useful.  I also loved the poetry you introduced us to. And thank you so much for your help and encouragement.  You are a great teacher.  ~ Harriot Terry West

Helping writers find their own music!